No more migraines – naturally!

  Migraines are an intense headache that usually occurs on one side of the head, is a throbbing sensation and can be incredibly debilitating to those who suffer from them, as many of you well know. Severe pain in the head can also be accompanied by nausea, dizziness, vomiting and aura perception –  “a transient […]

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Nik’s first post

Hi everyone, Nik here. I really don’t know how the internet works and have tried to avoid doing my blog post, but the others have tied me to the chair until I write one; so here it is… Since last winter, we have seen a variety of unusual symptoms in our customers. Their diagnosis and […]

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What I take – the womans perspective

Hi there, Rachel here – the girl of Twenty First Century Herbs. We were having a good old natter about the blog this morning, and I decided that it definitely needed a woman’s touch. You have read about what products the boys take, but what about all you girls out there wondering what products to […]

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Rhodiola (Golden Root) – What’s The Score?

Hi, I was going to do a post regarding Rhodiola, I wanted to make it amazing! Really amazing, and although I know a lot about plants, I’m not great at writing, terrible some would say. However I still wanted to tell you loads about its benifits, Nik at HQ has taken it every day for […]

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What I Take. Why & When.

Question I get asked all the time by customers, clients and friends is, ‘What do you actually take?’ So here it is…. First of all, both me and Nik only make products that we would take and have seen a need for in the business. The products I take do change now and again. I […]

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Digestion – A quick 5 plant guide

Digestion – basically the process of breaking food down for it to be used by the body (Obviously there is a lot more to it than that, but for the purpose of this blog we are gonna keep it simple) For years I was fascinated by this topic and whether improving a persons digestion could […]

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My First Post –

First of all, thanks for coming! Secondly, who am I, and how can I help you? Im Liam, I’m one half of ‘Twenty First Century Herbs’ a UK based herbal medicine manufacturer. We currently supply, over 1000 stores in the UK, with market leading products. We also see a small number of private clients each […]

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