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Product Description

Twenty First Century Herbs Night Time Formula – natural remedy for a peaceful sleep


We at Twenty First Century Herbs believe that natural products are the best remedy for any problems that occur in the body or the mind. The Night Time formula was devised in response to our research which showed that modern supplements available for sleep problems were made using synthetics, non-essential amino acids or low potency herbs. We therefore devised an expert formula that provides effective treatment using the most successful and powerful herbs based on our 85 years of clinical experience.

How does it work?


Valerian – Well establish in herbal medicine for being effective in fighting sleeplessness and restlessness. Common uses of valerian are in conditions of nervous unrest, where it acts as a sedative to the higher nerve centres. In a recent study conducted on the benefits of valerian in sleep disorders, the valerian extract provided to participants resulted in significant improvement in time required to fall asleep, sleep quality, and number of night time awakenings.


Wild Lettuce – A nerve relaxant, as well as a mild hypnotic and sedative. Compounds found in wild lettuce appear to have pain-relieving and sedative effects, helping with restlessness and aching muscles. A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2006 found that lactucin and lactucopicrin (chemicals naturally present in wild lettuce) reduced pain and promoted sedation.


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