Treat the debilitating symptoms of menopause today with Twenty First Century Herbs Sage


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Benefits of taking Sage – 

Menapause: Historically, Sage has been used to help women with menopausal symptoms. This is due to it being an oestrogenic, which means that it helps to boot your oestrogen levels which naturally decrease during menopause. This is often the cause of such menopausal symptoms as hot flushes, one of the most reported symptom experience by women during the menopause.


Bone density: Often forgotten about, sage actually contains a superior level of vitamin K, an essential vitamin for the body that isn’t found in many common foods. Vitamin K is an essential element in developing bone density and ensuring the integrity of our bones as we age. If you suffer from early signs of osteoporosis or have lived a rather nutrient-poor, sedentary lifestyle, your bone health is likely low. Adding sage supplements to your daily routine can increase your vitamin K levels significantly.



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