Telephone Consultation


A 30 minute call with Nik Imrye, founder of twenty first century herbs.


Product Description

Nik is a third generation herbalist, that has over 35 years experience in herbal medicine. He has lectured at Manchester University in herbal medicine and wrote the qualification for the college of naturopathic medicine. He began his career working at the biggest herb company in the world, which allowed him to travel the globe lecturing and training industry experts in herbal medicine.

The consultation allows you to make sure the products you are choosing are right for you. This is not just for people that take our products but anyone that would like a deeper insight into personal herbal supplementation.

This also gives you access to a more bespoke herbal medicine solution, by allowing Nik to use his experience to produce you a herbal tincture based on your exact needs. The tinctures range from £9.95 – £59.95, but allows us to use a larger array of plants.

Once you purchase this, Nik will personally be in touch to arrange a time suitable for you both. Nik has seen everyone, from children to grandparents, animals and celebrities. Any issue you have been worrying about has a herbal solution. So stop stressing about it and let us help you feel the very best you can.

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