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Every product in the Cleansing Range – Transform your body today & save money!


Want to fully cleanse your body? Want to experience the full health benefits of our entire cleansing range?

Then you need the Full Cleanse Programme – a comination of our detox, liver flush, kidney cleanse and blood cleanse, with the supportive supplements of Golden Root Complex and EFA. We even include a mini ‘Rhubarb Complex’ to give to a friend or relative.

All this, whilts saving £31!


What order do I take the products?

We recommend to following:

Golden Root Complex & EFA Complex are there to compliment the cleanse, take at any point during cleanse, follow the on bottle instructions.

  • Rhubarb Complex  – Bowel Cleanse(28 days)
  • Malus Complex – Liver Cleanse (Introduce day 21 for 7 days)
  • Beetroot Complex – Kidney Cleanse (Day 29 for 30 Days)
  • Cayenne Complex – Blood Cleanse (Day 59 for 30 Days)

The fool proof guide to the full cleanse

Ok, so you have decided to go big and try everything. First things first, congratulations! You are going to feel the best you have EVER felt after this!

To begin the full cleanse, you need to start with the rhubarb complex. As our main source of energy and vitality comes via our food and drink, it is vital to clean out the ‘fuel’ system first. We recommend you begin with one capsule taken with an evening meal, aiming to move bowls at least twice per day (that means poo). If one capsule does not produce this, increase gradually until you get required movements, but don’t be in a hurry to increase it, these things take time. Give it at least a week before you get past 2 capsules. You must continue with the rhubarb complex for 28 days. The reason for 28 days is that it takes moving the bowels twice daily for a month to clean the whole digestive system. Also, the 28 days follows the time scale of Lent, Ramadan and Passover; cleansing periods in other cultures

The Malus Complex should be incorporated into the Rhubarb Complex during the final week i.e. introduce on day 21 of 28 and take the 2 products together.

After the rhubarb and liver flush has been completed, we recommend you use the beetroot complex for 30 days afterwards. This involves simply taking 3 capsules daily and will cleanse the kidneys and the circulatory system of fats, acids and other potential harmful accumulation. We also recommend taking cayenne complex for 14 days afterwards, taking 2 capsules twice daily. The cayenne complex is nature’s most effective antioxidant and circulatory stimulant, unparalleled by many products available today for improving brain activity and removing waste from muscles and other body tissues.

Finally, to provide holistic support to the body, Golden Root can be taken throughout the whole cleansing progress and consistently once the cleanse has finished. Golden Root is an adaptogenic herb that helps the body adapt to various stressors, whether they are physical, mental or environmental. It is used by Olympic athletes and astronauts to cope with stress, as well as everyone at Twenty First Century Herbs HQ. EFA complex is our omega supplement; this again can be taken throughout the cleanse. Its vegan/vegetarian friendly and as it is a solid it has a 100% absorption rate in comparison to an oil which has on average only 37%.


Rhuabrb Complex Joined Cayenne Complex Joined Beetroot Complex Joined Malus Complex Joined EFA Joined Golden Root Joined



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