Hello again everybody! Hope you are all well. We have another handy little recipe for you to try, this one is a great tonic for your liver. After all, the liver is the main organ detoxifying your body, so it’s always good to help it out and show now and again just how thankful you are for its awesome powers.

So this recipe may sound horrid but honestly, we at HQ kinda love it. Georgia in particular can’t get enough. It is a great energizer and is best drunk in the morning, that way you will be ready to take on the day and anything thrown at you!

You will need:

The juice of 1 whole lemon
Garlic clove (1 or 2 depending on how much garlic you can handle)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
50ml of water

All you need to do is whiz it together and neck it. Simple as that!

liver juice

The ingredients in this are brilliant for helping support the liver. Lemon juice cuts fat, garlic kills bacteria and the olive oil naturally stimulates the liver! Its is like giving your liver a mini getaway with spa treatments. We know it may be tempting to put less garlic in but honestly, the benefits of garlic are so extensive that it is much better to put more in. Don’t deprive your body of something so good! Also don’t worry about your breath, you wont smell of garlic. If you are worried though just drink it before you brush your teeth or throw some chewie in your mouth and you are set.

Nik being the old boy he is remembers 2 clients who have survived 10 years with terminal cancer and are still going strong who swear by this drink.

So with that we will leave you to the rest of your day. Let us know what you think, we always love feedback.

Much love,

Your favourite Herbalists


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