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It is once again time for a brand spanking new blog post. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to base this one on; we have certainly covered some interesting topics in the past and I was keen to make this one just as fascinating (well, to me at least). However I found that once I put pen to paper, my inner rant seemed to take over and a collection of thoughts, advice and general musing poured out. I have done my best to pool them together into a thought-provoking piece and very much hope you enjoy it…

My heroes are classic endurance polar explorers such as Ernest Shackleton and modern day hero Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Shackleton rowed 800 miles through polar ice when his ship sank in 1917. At the end of this epic journey he climbed a mountain range without ropes to save his men.
Sir Fiennes has just completed 6 marathons in one week, in the desert, with a 40kg pack on his back at the age of 73, after 2 heart attacks and a triple bypass!

As the old boy at TFCH these guys are heroes to me and I honestly feel young athletes today would struggle to match this. Just take my grandmother for instance, she died at the ripe old age of 102 and lived on lard, sugary tea and gin. The women of that generation could take on anything after a strong cuppa, even coping with lots of kids, no hoover and bombs dropping on their head.

Ok so what am I actually getting at here? Well, honestly, I’m talking about food. Let me explain. In those days, people didn’t take vitamin supplements, there wasn’t such a thing. Food wasn’t fast grown abroad, people would eat local produce that was in season. Cows were fed on grass not chemicals. These days, eating the right things is difficult as bread, dairy, meat and veg production methods have changed so much.  So as a result, we are tired, run down, irritable and unable to concentrate. Just the idea of going for a run can leave us out of breath, let alone 6 marathons!

But it’s no good me just ranting and raving about a problem we are all aware of; what is the solution? Our nutrition expert John Neal informed me that raw kale, spinach and beetroot in large quantities would give us most of our nutritional needs. Further research has led to our latest product, Raw Food Blend, which contains only local organic raw fruit and vegetables. I take this myself and the difference I feel is truly remarkable. At the weekend I moved 4 tonnes of logs ½ mile to my house using a wheelbarrow and a backpack. There is no track or road to my house.  Now granted it’s not quite 800 miles or 6 marathons, but it’s an epic task by modern standards.

The point I am making, and once I’ve made it I will let you get back to your day, is that the thing that separates us from amazing explorers like Fiennes and Shackleton is, well a lot I grant you. But there is nothing stopping us from achieving new heights just like them, if we just treat our bodies’ right. Feed it with nutritious, wholesome food, and actually get off the couch and see the world. If we did that, then there is no knowing what we could achieve. I shall leave you with that thought…


Much love,


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