It’s Summer. The sun is out (sort of) and we are excited for some holiday adventures in the sunshine! But our bodies aren’t quiet ready. So here are our top tips for getting ready and feel fabulous for Summer…


Tip 1. Coconut oil! Oh the little beauty that is coconut oil. What can you NOT do with coconut oil?! Want a whiter smile? Soft shimmering hair? Beautifully smooth skin? Hell yeah you do! Well coconut oil is the answer to all of these. Pop some in your mouth and keep swirling it around for 10 minutes to pull built up toxins out your gums and brighten your smile. Use as a hair mark to nourish dry hair. Rub on to every inch of your body for an rich moisturiser which will leave your pins so soft you genuinely wont be able to stop touching them.


Tip 2. Aloe Vera. This remarkable little plant is amazing for treating pesky sunburn. Everyone knows the pain that comes from sitting out in the sun too long. Our mission to get a beautiful golden tan often results in us looking like a shiny red lobster – not the best look! Popping on some aloe vera gel with help take the heat out of the skin and keep it moisturised so that you don’t end up going all crispy and dry


Tip 3. HYDRATE! Water, water, water and more water! I know you have heard it all before but it is SO important. It’s easy to get carried away with the cocktails and rose wine out in the evening sun, but water is crucial for your body to function properly. Not enough water will lead to headaches, dry skin, cracked lips as well as digestive issues and fatigue. Enjoy the sun but don’t forget to drink (water, not cocktails!)


Tip 4. Summer is fun, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stressful at times. Family, friends, work, it can be anything. A quick way to provide yourself with some relief is to use lavender. Studies have shown how lavender can play a part in treating anxiety, depression and insomnia, conditions often associated with stress. Several drops of oil diffused into the air or added to your bath can soothe a stressed out mind.


Tip 5. HAVE FUN! It is so so easy to get bogged down on the negatives in our lives. That is why it is so important to take time out to just enjoy yourself. Not just because it’s fun but because it really does improve your physical health. Taking time out for you, whatever that may involve, can improve your weight, boost your immune system and improve your blood pressure. A simple thing like laughing can even reduce your stress hormone levels. So whatever you have going on in your life, take some time out to enjoy the sun, time with friends and family and get back to feeling like you!


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