Why Essentials? Part 1

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This blog is part 1 of 2 on our new Essentials Range, giving you some more information on why we thought these herbs were essential enough to include as part of Twenty First Century Herbs. Part 2 will come next week so don’t forget to check!

Here at Herbie HQ we talk a lot about the importance of detoxifying. Indeed, it must do people good as our Rhubarb Complex is our best seller. Traditionally, we would do a fast or cleanse annually. Nowadays it seems modern people with their modern lifestyles need to detox more than once a year. This makes sense, as the more gunk that is added to our food, water & air, the more gunk needs to come out! This is also true emotionally. Our solar plexus (knotty tummy nerves) are constantly bombarded with information from our environment, much of it being negative or bad news. Most people, me included, feel they need something other than food to get them going, or the opposite – something to calm an overactive system, and as we know, most of life’s challenges are best dealt with before they become a problem. If we know we are going to have a big phone bill it is better to have prepared and saved the money before we have to go into an overdraft. Likewise if we have a history of dodgy joints, do we wait until we need a hip replacement or major pain relief, or do we try and prevent it before it gets to that stage? In an ideal world we all know the answer.

Our Essentials Range is designed to keep us right before we become ill or simply, just to make us more efficient. Scientists say that we only use 10% of our brain, and I am certain that we don’t use our legs these days with our remote controls and cars. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could do 90% more of all the good stuff? Well let’s not get carried away, we can’t promise a 90% increase in your mental capacity or suddenly overnight being able to do the London marathon. However, over 4 generations this family business has been experimenting with herbs we have a few tricks up our herbie sleeves.

Why Dandelion?

Being green, the magnesium content will relax tired muscles. Being also very high in trace minerals it will supplement mineral deficient modern foods very well. Not only that, dandelion will flush out accumulated toxins via the kidneys. The liver is also supported by the ‘bitter’ aspects that dandelion provides. Therefore, if inflammation, gall bladder disease, poor appetite, cholesterol, water retention, aching legs or rheumatism is your problem then dandelion is the daily supplement for you.

Why Guarana and Siberian ginseng?

Today we have more to worry about and more to do. It seems our busy, hectic lives can cause everything from immune disorders to depression. It is easy to suggest a more relaxed, slower pace of life, even prescribing a long holiday to some clients would be wonderful. However, we can’t all give up living in the city or resign from our stressful jobs, send the kids to boarding school and have a nanny take care of the rest and move to the Bahamas. Instead we recommend Guarana and Siberian Ginseng. Neither interferes with blood pressure and Guarana, although similar to caffeine, does not cause palpitations or instability, so can help when trying to avoid stimulants but maintain energy levels. Siberian ginseng is our ‘ginseng’ of choice as unlike its cousin – Korean Ginseng – it doesn’t have side effects.

Why ginger?

This comes down to 2 questions – why is digestion and why is circulation important? Simple answer is if we didn’t have either we would be dead already. Many people eat a great diet, train hard and already take supplements but still ask us for help. The reason usually comes down to the fact that they are simply not absorbing it or circulating it throughout the body properly. Ginger improves the delivery of foods and medicines i.e. from your stomach to your brain or your toes. Taking something is one thing, getting it to where you need it is another. Ginger is the herb that sorts this.

Also – if your partners cold hands and feet nearly make you jump out of bed then ginger is your answer.

So there is your first half of the blog. Look out for next weeks when we will be going over Greens & Green Tea, Sage, Milk Thistle, Turmeric and Echinacea.

Happy Thursday,


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